Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How big is a web page (or what do I get for my per page fee)?

There is no definition of the size of a web page, so there is no clear answer to this. However, for good design purposes, ease of navigation, and fast loading in the viewer's browser, we try to keep pages to about 3 or 4 screens long. Anything more than that should be on another page with links to and from the page. Other factors that affect page loading time are the number and size of image files and scripts built into a page. [return to top]

How do I move a web site to inrail?

Tell us where the pages are on the web and give us permission to copy them, or you can send us the necessary files. There may be some script files or other support files that you will need to send us anyway. For the Full Service Plan, the DNS entries for your domain name will require adjustment. We can do it for you (especially if we transfer your domain name through our domain registration service), or we can give you the information to do so. [return to top]

If I use an inrail hosted page without my own domain name, can I convert it later to a Full Service site with my own domain name?

Yes. You will need a domain name, which we can register for you if you wish. You will pay for server space under the Full Service Plan, but there is no charge for the conversion, which will include making any adjustment to your web page to account for your own domain name. If you want additional pages added to the site, our page design charge will apply. [return to top]

How do I retrieve my E-mail from my inrail address?

If you are using an E-mail mailbox on our server, you can set up an new account or personality in your E-mail client (Microsoft Outlook, MS Outlook Express, Firefox, Opera and Eudora to name a few). This can be set to retrieve your mail in the same manner as you receive your mail now. In addition, these clients let you maintain more than one E-mail address, and retrieve mail from all of them. Your E-mail is also accessible via any smartphone or tablet device that can access POP accounts.

Our E-mail system also lets you retreive and manage E-mail from any web browser. This is useful if you are away from your usual computer, but would like to check or send mail. Any mail is retained on the server until the next time you retreive it from your usual loaction.

If you are using an E-mail alias from your site on our server, your mail will be automatically and immediately sent to the E-mail address that you specify. When you reply to an E-mail sent to your alias, the response will come from your "real" E-mail address, not the alias. [return to top]

How big can I make my site?

We limit our sites to 5 MB of files including HTML pages, image files, scripts and other support files (excluding log files and usage reports) For practical purposes, this is almost an unlimited amount. One of our larger sites that we currently host contains about 75 web pages, and only takes up 1.7 MB of space. If you need more than 5 MB, we will make arrangements to accommodate you. [return to top]