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When you need a web site, but don't have the time, expertise or inclination manage it yourself, we have the answer for you! One annual fee covers everything except initial page design (described below). Just tell us what you want, we'll deliver it and take care of making sure it works. inrail manages the whole process for you.

Our Full Service plan includes:

Page Design

We custom tailor your web pages to what you want. You won't find your pages looking like somebody else's (unless that's the way you want it!). We will work closely with you to get both the look and the content to your satisfaction. We provide draft sites based on your initial input, and modify those drafts to reflect your desires. You can draw on our 10 years of expertise in site design to help make your site effectively communicate your message. Page design cost is $35.00 per page. With the Full Service Plan, minor changes and updates to pages are included in the annual fee.


With our Full Service Plan, you don't need to worry about your web site being properly configured and operational. We take care of all set-up including addressing, DNS settings, log definition, and scripts.

Domain Registration

Our full service plan includes registering your domain name and maintaining renewals. (If you prefer, you can do this yourself.)

Multiple domain names

  • Do you have have more than one trade name, but don't want to have more than one web site?
  • Do you want to protect you trade name with multiple high level domains (.com' .net' .info' etc.)?

No problem, for only the cost of registering the additional domain name ($15.00 per year/ name), and a one time set-up fee ($25.00 per name). You can have multiple domain names reach one site, saving you time and money. For example, click on these:


Your site will be hosted on our reliable (99.99%+) server, using the latest Unix based Apache server software. Your site will be backed up daily to further insure that it will be available.


Our full service plan includes up to 20 E-mail boxes that can be accessed by any E-mail client (Microsoft Outlook, Eudora, Netscape, Opera, etc.). Mailboxes come standard with 5MB or storage. In addition, we can provide an E-mail addresses at your domain name that automatically forward E-mail to another address. (This is handy if you only want to check one mailbox, but have different addresses for different purposes.)

You can also access your inrail hosted E-mailbox from any web browser, allowing you to check and send E-mail when you are not at your own computer.

Spam Filtering

inrail provides a first layer of protection against Unsolicited Commercial E-mail (UCE), also known as SPAM. Your web pages are designed to prevent harvesting of E-mail addresses by spammers. You can also set filters at your mailbox so that messages never reach the Inbox on your computer in the first place. This helps minimize the amount of mail that you need to look at just so you can delete it. All of this is easily customized through a simple, web-based interface.


As part of your annual fee, we perform all site maintenance including: server and software upgrades, page updates and changes, link checking, backups and E-mail server maintenance. You don't need to worry whether or not your site is "up".


In any event, your web site content and domain name are yours. If you are ever unhappy with our services, you can take the site content and domain with you to another host or design service. You paid for it, you own it.

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