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The servics that inrail offers can be customized to fit your needs. Some of the services listed below are included in our regular plans; but if not, they can be easily added to your package. Look through these and tells us what you need.

Coupons & Special Pages

If you are having a special promotion or event, we can create a special page for that event, or design coupons that can be placed on yout site. Once the event or promotion is over, we'll remove the pages, but save them. If you run the same or a similar event later, we can modify the previously used page or coupon (changing dates and making other minor changes) at no aditional cost.

Domain Registration

If we design or host a site for you, inrail can take care of your Domain Name registration both when you first set up your site, and when the name is due for renewal. Single and multi-year registrations are available, with discounts for longer terms. Prices start at $15.00 per year. If your site is designed and hosted by us, your domain registration is free!


Our server provides flexibility in delaing with E-mail using your domain name. In addition to E-mail boxes on the server, we can creat aliases or virtual E-mail addresses that forward your mail to another box on our server, or to any valid E-mail address. You can have multiple addresses, such as yourname@yourdomain.com and info@yourdomain.com, with all mail sent to either address delivered to one address. Tha t means you only need to check one location for all of your mail.

Access to you mailbox is easy to configure in any E-mail client, including Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Mozilla (Firefox/Thunderbird), Netscape Navigator, Opera or any other. We can provide instructions. In addition, you can access your E-mail from any computer with a web browser and internet access. This is a handy feature when you are not at your regular computer, or if you are using a web enabled device.

Spam filtering is available at the server lever, reducing teh amount of mail that ends up on your computer. Look at our E-mail page for more information.

Our services include a predetermined number of E-mail addresses. additional addresses are available for a $10.00 each one-time set-up fee.

File Converting and Scanning

If your site needs files converted to web friendly formats, we can handle that for you, whether it be photo's and graphics or text files. We can also scan you paper documents into electronic versions. Fees vary based on teh complexity of the document, but here are some examples:

Black and White drawing (8.5" X 11") to graphic (any color) - $10.00
MS Word Document to PDF - $10.00
Paper text document to PDF (text) - $10.00 first page, $4.00 per page thereafter
Photograph (no larger than 8" X 10") to Web Image - $5.00

As us for a firm quote on specific items

Multiple Domains on a Site

  • Do you have have more than one trade name, but don't want to have more than one web site?
  • Do you want to protect you trade name with multiple high level domains (.com' .net' .info' etc.)?

No problem, for only the cost of registering the additional domain name ($10.00 per year/ name), and a one time set-up fee ($25.00 per name). You can have multiple domain names reach one site, saving you time and money. For example, click on these:

Photo Albums

We can easily create photo albums for a particlular topic. Clickong on a small preview document will bring up a larger view.

Response Forms

We can create customer response forms that will generate an E-mail containing information that you want from the user. Our Contact Us form is an example.

Spliting Domain Functions

If you wish to have you web site hosted on our server, but your E-mail handled on another server (perhaps because of an internal network) the can be accomplished. Other functions can also be split.